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About this page...

You will probably have read elsewhere about the introduction of a new online service for patients, AskMyGP.

This page offers a series of questions and answers that explain what AskMyGP can do for you in getting medical assistance - and when you should not be using AskMyGP.

What is AskMyGP?

It's an easier way for you to request help from your GP, for yourself, your child or someone you care for.

Why are patients encouraged to use it?

AskMyGP is usually the quickest and most convenient way to request help from your GP, and helps the practice to respond more effectively. If you are unable to use the service, you can phone the practice as usual.

Do I have to choose from a 'menu' of problems?

No, simply use your own words to ask about any problem where you need help from your GP practice.

Can I order repeat prescriptions from AskMyGP?

No, this should be done through the prescription service provided by your practice or via Patient Access. Please see the prescriptions section of the Practice web site.

Can I use AskMyGP to book appointments?

AskMyGP is the quickest and easiest way to get in touch with your GP. You will be contacted within 48hours (excluding weekends and bank holidays) to resolve your request. This might be via message, telephone or by face-to-face appointment - depending on the need as determined by your GP.

Can I use AskMyGP in an emergency?

No, please contact the emergency services - 999 for serious emergencies or 111 for urgent advice.

Can I ask for help at any time?

Yes, but the request will only be seen during service times as set by the practice and visible on the ‘our service times’ link on the AskMyGP welcome portal.

I don't have a computer or a smartphone - can I still ring the doctor to make an appointment?

Yes, you can still telephone the surgery. The aim is to make access easier for every patient.

I usually just walk into the Surgery to make an appointment - can I still do that?

You can submit a request in person, but you may find it easier to seek help by first putting in a request online with AskMyGP or via the telephone to save you a trip to the practice.

Is there an App?

AskMyGP can be downloaded onto your homescreen or your desktop by clicking ‘Add to home screen’ on the menu bar. It will function as an app with a shortcut. If you select ‘Enable Notifications’ you will receive a notification when you have a message from the doctor.

AskMyGP and Patient Access: What’s the difference?

AskMyGP and Patient Access are two separate systems, and each serves a different purpose, but we understand that from the patient’s point of view they can appear to be related.

AskMyGP is a system that the Practice uses to receive appointment requests from patients. This system allows the doctors and advanced nurse practitioners to triage appointment requests and deal with all requests on the same day as they are submitted.

Patient Access is created by a different provider to AskMyGP and is used to receive medication requests from patients. You are also able to view your medical record.

How do I register as a user?

The easiest way is to use our step-by-step guide. This will take you through the simple procedure of registering for AskMyGP.

My partner and I share the same email address. Will it be OK to use the same one for both of us?

Every login must have a unique email address, so you cannot share them. Getting an additional email is free with many online service providers.

What is an 'End-User Licence Agreement' and why do I need to tick the box?

Legally, the AskMyGP team need to have an agreement with you to use the service. We advise all patients to read the End User Licence Agreement when registering and also the Privacy Policy which can be found on the AskMyGP website:

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