The Virtual PPG

What is a Virtual PPG?

It would be great if every patient could attend every meeting of a PPG and have his or her say...  but with over 11,000 patients in the Martock and South Petherton practice, this could become a little unwieldy!  Of course, there are particular occasions when we can get a larger group of patients together, especially at the Annual General Meeting of the PPG.

However, there will be many times during the year when we will want to find out the views of a larger number of patients, to make information about new facilities or administrative systems available or to announce events that may be taking place.  To assist in this area, we have created a Virtual PPG.

So, how does the Virtual PPG work?

Although it's not praticable to get hundreds or thousands of patients together in one place, through the medium of the internet and, in particular, e-mail, it is possible to broadcast information to that large group and to obtain their feedback or opinions.

Of course, nobody wants to be bombarded with e-mails every day, so we are very careful to limit the numbers sent out, and to direct them to different patient groups at different times.  In general, you could expect to receive around half a dozen e-mails in a year, so it's not going to clog up your Inbox too much!

What kinds of things will these e-mails contain?

We will be developing a number of different ideas to obtain the right sort of balance, but some examples might be:

OK - what do I have to do to join the Virtual PPG?

That's easy!  Just click on the button below to go to the Registration page.  Obviously, we'll need to ask for your e-mail address, but you might wonder why we ask you a few other details as well.

One of the things we are very keen on is to get as representative a sample as possible for our questionnaires and surveys.  For example, we try to get a good spread of age groups, equal numbers of men and women and a cross-section from as many different parts of the practice area as possible.  That's why we will ask you to indicate your age group, sex and your postcode.  It is also useful to know which surgery you usually attend.

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Please note: We will never ask you for any personal medical information unless we have had your approval first.  For example, if we were to do a survey about high blood pressure, we might send round a general e-mail asking people if they would like to take part.  Only then would we ask those who had volunteered for more specific details, which you would be at liberty to refuse to answer at any time.