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The 'Flu Clinics have started! (New!)

The first 'flu clinics were held at both surgeries on 9th October. The dates for the remaining clinics have been released and you can find the full schedule by clicking this link.

There has been a further change in arrangements in that some of the clinics will be by appointment only. These will NOT be drop-in clinics - you will need to make an appointment on the usual appointment line. Some of the sessions are walk-in sessions, but you need to check the schedule to confirm which is which. Hopefully, this will avoid some of the difficulties that arose last year with some patients not being able to get their jabs after waiting.

A new Tutorial has been added (New!)

There has been quite a lot of correspondence and confusion recently about Patient Access and online services generally. There have been a few glitches in recent weeks and many patients seem to be unaware that the old Online Appointments system is no longer functional.

The reasons for this go back over the years but, essentially, the old system has been replaced by a much more efficient, integrated system within Patient Access. We can confirm that all the elements of Patient access - appointments, repeat prescriptions, patient notes and so on - are now fully functional - at least, they were as at the time of writing!

Remember, accessing this information online is not only much quicker for you, but it also frees up the phone lines for those who cannot use online services.

When the computer systems were updated, a few patients were inadvertently de-registered from Patient Access.  If you were once able to log in, but cannot now do so, you will need to re-register.  Contact reception and they will organise a new Registration Letter.

Quite a lot of patients were not de-registered, but have found that their access to certain features has been 'switched off'. If you find you can log in to Patient Access, but you can't get access to appointments, for example, then you need to be re-enabled. This was another side-effect of the update and can be quickly corrected by the reception staff. Just let them know and they will switch you on again!

Finally, some patients have found the registration procedure for Patient Access rather confusing. To help with this, we have produced another Tutorial which you can find on our Tutorials page. Please let us know what you think!

An Interesting Opportunity... (New!)

We have received a request from The South West Clinical Senate and Citizens' Assembly (who knew?!) for patient input on a particular question about how to deliver health care in an environmentally friendly way. 

The question is:  In light of climate change, and our need to reduce carbon emissions, what would be your top three suggestions about how the NHS could deliver environmentally friendly health care services?

If you have any ideas on this thought-provoking topic, you are asked to contact Rachel Perry directly at

If you do make contact with Rachel, please mention that you read about this on the MSPPPG web site.

Latest Minutes (New!)

The minutes of our latest committee meeting, held on 2nd October, are now available to view on our Links page.

Further Changes to the Prescription Line (New!)

All patients who make use of the Prescription Phone Line on 01935 826908 should take note of the following changes to opening times:

The new times, 9:30am - 11:30am, Monday to Friday, are now in operation

If you have read our leaflet on Repeat Prescriptions (you can pick up a copy at either surgery, any time!) you will know that there are several other ways you can request these rather than using the Prescription Line:

  • You can send a prescription request by e-mail to
  • You can order it online through Patient Access (you will need to register for this through Reception)
  • You can tick the relevant box(es) on your repeat request slip which will have been issued to you with your original prescription and hand the slip in to the surgery
  • You can ask the local pharmacy to order and/or collect your prescription on your behalf
  • You can sign up to one of the on-line pharmacy companies (for example, and get them to handle it all for you.

Want to get on the NHS App?

As promised previously, we have now uploaded an easy-to-follow tutorial on how to register with the new NHS App. You can find it listed on our Links page, or just click here to go directly to it.

We understand that this won't appeal to everybody - and not everybody has a smart phone or tablet, which is required at present. But remember, the more people that start using online access to appointments, notes and prescriptions, the less load there is on the telephone system, so the fewer delays others should experience.

Do let us have your feedback on this new idea. If it's popular, we will create more tutorials on other subjects. 

Meet Your PPG!

If you have ever wanted to put a face to the names of your PPG committee, then you have the chance if you visit the Martock Farmers' Market on the second Saturday of each month.

Thanks to the kind offices of Fergus Dowding, we have had a table at the market for the last four months, and had conversations with many patients of the practice. If you would like to talk to us about anything (other than medical matters!) then we will hope to be there every month. Why not drop by for a chat?

How to get the Best out of the Appointments System

We are now featuring a comprehensive description of exactly how you can get the best out of the Appointments system on our web site.

Just go to the Links page and discover all sorts of things you may never have known!

Forget the Magazines!

You know the feeling: you've signed in on the little machine and found a seat in the waiting room and now you have to sit... and wait... and probably pick up the same magazine that you were reading last month!

Well, now you can pick up the MSPPPG Information Folder instead! Look out for it in both surgeries, and remind yourself of the latest news, who we are, what we do and the results of our latest surveys.

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